September 20, 2019

Call for Papers – CRiSiS

7th biennial conference of the European Network for Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies

17-19 Sept. 2020 – University of Leuven, Belgium


Notions of crisis have long charged the study of the European avant-garde and modernism. Throughout their history, avant-gardists and modernists have faced crises, be they economic or political, scientific or technological, aesthetic or philosophical, collective or individual, local or global, short or perennial. Modernists and avant-gardists have in turn continually stood accused of instigating crises, whether artistic or cultural, sensorial or conceptual, incidental or intentional, far-reaching or negligible, representational or other. The very concepts of ‘avant-garde’ and ‘modernism’ are time and again subject—or subjected—to conceptual crises, leaving modernism and avant-garde studies as a field on the perpetual brink of a self-effacing theoretical crisis.

The 7th biennial conference of the EAM intends to tackle the ways in which the avant-garde and modernism in Europe relate to crisi/es. Although we welcome panel, roundtable and paper proposals on any aspect of this relationship, we are particularly interested in new research on three topics: the theoretical complexity of the notion of crisis, the crises-laden historical trajectory of the avant-gardes and modernism, and the practical side of things – across all areas of avant-garde and modernist activity.

Call for Papers Deadlines

Roundtable proposals: 1 Jan. 2020
Panel proposals: 1 Febr. 2020
Individual proposals: 1 Febr. 2020

More information on the EAM website or in attached PDF.


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